Sheraton Kagoshima

Sheraton Kagoshima is the first global hotel brand to open its doors in Kagoshima. The artworks aim to capture ‘the flair’ of this land, a renowned south entrance for international cultural exchange: the dynamic interaction between land and sea, the beauty in the fleet or the moment of seasons passing, or just like Sakura-jima, universal beauty that goes unnoticed in ordinary life because it is always there in front of your eyes.
In the late 16th century, Jorge Álvares arrived for the first time as a European and called this land “Quam goa suma.” Through the artworks, we capture and recreate the wonders and discoveries of Jorge in alignment with the Sheraton brand.

Project Name
Sheraton Kagoshima
Interior Designer
Public: CRÈME / Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design, Guest rooms: MEC Design International Corp.
Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
Scope of Work

Consultancy: Proposal & Planning / Management, Design Production: Design fabrication / Production management / Setting & Installation