W Osaka

W Hotels, a part of Marriott International Inc., is a luxury lifestyle brand born from the bold attitude and 24/7 culture of New York City. Opening as the first-ever in Japan, W Osaka embodies the theme, “Osaka Merchants At Play.” It is said that Osaka merchants in those days, when excessive luxury was prohibited by the Edo shogunate, dressed modestly and quietly outwardly, but inwardly enjoyed the most luxurious and sophisticated games. This project features such unique contrast between Japanese minimalism and urban extravaganza, specific to a city as vibrant and energetic as Osaka. Behind the glass façade, you will find breathtakingly vivid colors, neon, provocative and bold design with a wit and attention to every last detail.

Project Name
W Osaka
Interior Designer
concrete architecutural associates (NL)
Osaka, Osaka
Scope of Work

Project consulting, Design development, Design fabrication, Production management, Setting & Installation