Park Wellstate Kamogawa

A new senior living residence in the scenic Kamogawa, surrounded by the sea and mountains. The design scheme of the landscape – the layering sea and mountains surrounding the site, the difference in elevation of the ground that overlaps visually and spatially, and time that transforms the surrounding environment, was reflected and developed into the art.

As the art nestles in the landscape, as the newly designed landscape returns to nature, as nature and building coexist, and as people connect: the “circle” overlaps with the scenery of Kamogawa to express the uninterrupted continuity and eternity of life and nature.

Residential, Health and Wellness, Landscape
Project Name
Park Wellstate Kamogawa
Interior Designer
Landscape Designer: SWA Group (US)
Kamogawa-shi, Chiba
Scope of Work

Project consulting, Design development, Design fabrication, Production management, Setting & Installation